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A Walk With the Cows

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Today saw the last of our summer workshops, 'A Walk With the Cows', and a huge thank you goes to Edward Baxter for giving us a fascinating tour of his farm at West Gilston Mains. Edward has been farming in Fife for over 35 years, and has recently made a shift to regenerative farming techniques including use of cover crops, direct drilling and mob-grazing of cattle, all of which help to lock away carbon in the soil and increase biodiversity on the farm. The results are clearly evident on the farm, with luxurious grass, soil teeming with earthworms, frogs hopping across the fields and some extremely friendly and contented cows.

We were also delighted to welcome Wendy Chamberlain, MP for North East Fife, among our guests on the workshop. A glorious sunny day and beautiful views were the icing on the cake.

Wendy Chamberlain MP, with Eugene Clark.

Pasture containing many species of grass and plants increases biodiversity on the farm.

The cows are moved onto fresh grass every day...

...leaving behind natural fertiliser.

Cover crops and direct-drilling give a healthy soil structure.

The soil is full of earthworms.

Luxurious transport was provided!

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