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Food waste

In the UK around 9.5 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year - nearly a quarter of all food purchased. Eliminating this waste would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25 million tonnes and save consumers £19 billion   .

Reducing food waste is something everyone can do, here are our top tips:

Visit the Community Fridge at the East Neuk Centre in Anstruther.

The Community Fridge keeps good food that would otherwise be thrown away in circulation. Pop along on Thursday from 1pm - 3pm and pick up some free, delicious, fresh food.

Make a meal plan and shopping list for the week, and only buy what you need.

You can make your meal plan all fancy-looking with one of these free templates from Canva.

Eat everything you buy - embrace leftovers!

Combine leftovers to produce your own 'fusion' cuisine - you might be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Use your freezer.

If you can't eat everything before it goes off then freeze it. Make stuff that can't be frozen into stuff that can, like soups and stews. Tips on what can and can't be frozen are widely available, such as these from BBC Good Food

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