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Dairy products tend to have a lower carbon footprint than beef and lamb, but almost always have a higher footprint than plant-based alternatives   . Weight-for-weight, cheese and butter produce more greenhouse gas emissions than milk    but this is balanced by their higher calorific value, meaning that you eat less of them per serving.

You can cut down on single-use plastic by switching to milk deliveries. In Fife, McQueen's Dairies will deliver milk (or oat milk) direct to your door in reusable glass bottles.

In response to public concerns over animal welfare some farms are now adopting the 'calf at foot' method, where calves are not separated from their mothers until their natural weaning age. There are currently no local options for buying these products in the East Neuk, but you can buy online from businesses such as The Ethical Dairy and The Calf At Foot Dairy.

Our top tips for dairy:

Eat less dairy.

Switch to plant-based alternatives such as oat milk.

Swap hard cheese for soft cheese.

Parmesan produces around twice as much greenhouse gas per kg as mozzarella   .

Get to know your local milkman.

Find out if you can get milk delivered in your area here.

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